4 top trending hairstyles for the year 2020

With the recent weather shift, the party season is so on and you are bound to be called soon to a birthday party, a kitty party or a sundown party and if you are not prepared for it, you are definitely going to panic on getting these invitations.  

But there are just simple tips that would help you look elegant and stylish. For example, if you do not have a big amount of money to be spent on your outfit, just styling your hair in a professional way, is going to help you look super cool. And if you can afford getting a hairstyle done by the professional, it is going to make an impression that would last for quite some time on people’s minds. Finding a good hairstylist in Houston is not much of a problem because there are plenty of professionals working on this and they can be easily found. They can visit you at home and get your hair done in just no time but in the most professional manner. So are you ready to join the party?

If you want to flaunt your looks with some pretty hairstyles, you can take a look at the following trending hairstyles in women for the parties. Now depending upon the nature of the event, you can choose to go from formal to casual look the way you please.

  • The low slung bun

For the night parties, it is the perfect thing that goes well with any gown and with a few lose bangs being left to hang on your sides. You can complete the gorgeous look for the evening with adding some smoky makeup and light accessories.

  • Curls

Curls never get old for the parties and if you are supporting straight hair in the regular days, getting the curls would definitely kill your monotone and would bring you to the lime light. Just add a beautiful dress and heals to your curls for a complete elegant look and stay confident.

  • Sky high bun

Give yourself a celebrity like look by doing this hairdo. You would have seen a lot of celebrities on the red carpet, donning this look where there is a high bun on the head and you get to look royal. Just make sure you have plenty of time to get it done or practice it well. you need plenty of volume in your hair for this look so you can make use of a mousse and a hairstyling gel as well.

  • Pony with a pouf

This is another amazing hairstyle that is perfect for any kind of the party that you are going to attend. All you have to do is to gather your hair in the ponytail while puffing the front ones for a complete and classy look. This goes perfectly well with any kind of dress and for any part of the day as well.